About Owensboro Bourbon Society

The Owensboro Bourbon Society (OBS) was established in March of 2011 and currently has over 100 members! We have had to good fortune to have had the following guests speak at our society meetings:
Jim Rutledge, Master Distiller, Four Roses
Charles Medley, Wathens and Old Medley Bourbon
Wes and Kyle Henderson, Angels Envy
Rob Samuels, COO, Makers Mark
Bernie Lubbers, Whiskey Professor, Heaven Hill
Tom Bulleit, Bulleit bourbon and rye
Chris Morris, Master Distiller, Brown Forman
Paul Tomaszewski, Master Distiller, MB Roland
Brad Boswell, President, Independent Stave Co
Mike Veach, Bourbon Historian, Filson Historical Society
Paul Pogue, Old Pogue
Tom and Mike Sherman, Vendome Copper Company
Joe Magliocco and Willie Pratt, Michters
The Owensboro Bourbon Society is designed to benefit individuals who are just beginning their bourbon journey as well as experienced bourbon drinkers. The Three main goals of the society are to:

1) Recognize and celebrate the history of bourbon making in the state of Kentucky and the City of Owensboro

2) To gain a better understanding as to how bourbon is made. There is a scientific element as well as an artistic element to the process

3) To taste many different bourbons (I know, this is the best part!). We want to explore the world of bourbons and most of all have fun doing it.

The Owensboro Bourbon Society meets once a month, primarily on the third Wednesday of every month. This may vary slightly if we are doing a distillery tour. (Please see events calendar for meeting time and dates). Meetings are from 7:00-9:00 PM.

Our meetings take on different formats. Some meetings are purely bourbon tastings. We also have Guest Speakers, “bring your own bottle” nights and distillery tours of not only the "big" players in the industry but also the Artisan "Craft" distillers.

Each member receives:
1) An “Owensboro Bourbon Society” Polo or Button Down shirt
2) An engraved “Owensboro Bourbon Society” glencairn whiskey glass
3) An Owensboro Bourbon Society membership card

The annual membership fee to join the Owensboro Bourbon Society is:
$75 for the first year
$50 for all subsequent years.

Membership fees are used to offset the cost of our activities.
Please send your check to:

Owensboro Bourbon Society
P.O. Box 1411
Owensboro, KY 42302

Or Pay your Membership Fees online with our Secure Pay-Pal  Account

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