J's Liquors (New Hartford Rd) offers Owensboro Society Members bourbon discounts!

J's Liquors of New Hartford Road, an Owensboro Bourbon Society endorsed liquor store, is offering Owensboro Bourbon Society members special monthly pricing on bourbons featured at that month's bourbon society meeting for the remainder of the month. These discounts will only be available at the New Hartford Road.

Discounts for August 2014

Old Charter 8 Year Old               Reg. Price $14.99       OBS member discount  $12.27

George Dickel Barrel Select       Reg. Price $37.99       OBS Member Discount   $31.97

Flor De Cana 18 year old            Reg. Price  $52.99      OBS Member Discount   $44.38

Zaya 12 Year  Old                        Reg. Price  $37.99       OBS Member Discount  $31.29

J's has an up to date list of all OBS members, provide them your name and they will confirm on their membership directory.

J's is a great supporter of the Owensboro Bourbon Society and hopes you will come to think of it's store as your bourbon destination!

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